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Donald Rodger Associates
Arboricultural Consultants
39a Main Street
East Lothian
EH31 2AP
Donald Rodger Associates
Tree and woodland consultants
Detailed tree surveys and inspections for a range of purposes.
Detailed tree survey and inspection
for a range of purposes.
  • Tree inspections and surveys. Detailed assessment and recording of pertinent information, from single trees to extensive tree populations, accompanied by accurate mapping.
  • Tree risk assessment and hazard analysis. Safety audits and reports. Decay detection using the Resistograph 400 and PICUS tomography.
  • Tree management plans. Production of short, medium and long term management plans
  • Trees and new development. Comprehensive survey and management plans prepared for trees in relation to new development. Arboricultural impact studies with regard to tree retention and protection.
  • Trees and the planning process. Expert advice on all aspects of tree preservation orders, trees in conservation areas and planning applications. Expert witness in planning appeals.
  • Trees and litigation. Preparation of detailed reports on legal matters concerning trees. Expert witness in court cases.
Collection of tree details
Collection of tree details.
Accurate tree height measurement using the Vertex hypsometer
Accurate tree height measurement
using the Vertex hypsometer.

  • Tree condition inspections. Assessment of tree health problems and recommendations for future management. Pest and disease diagnosis.
  • Tree and woodland planting. Design, species selection and specification for the planting and aftercare of trees on a broad range of sites. From individual specimen trees to amenity woodland.
  • Veteran tree management. Recording and management prescriptions for veteran and heritage trees.
  • Woodland management. Management and planting plans prepared for amenity and community woodland.
  • Contract management. Compilation of contract specifications, work schedules and tenders for arboricultural work.
Testing the internal decay using the Resitograph 400 decay detection device
Testing the internal decay using the
Resitograph 400 decay detection device.

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